Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees

You know how it is, sometimes in life you think you are making no progress at all but the reality is that you are and often it’s because you are down, and you are not feeling you are progressing as fast as you should, but I sometimes think that’s because we are under pressure to perform in are personal and professional lives through modern life and it often feels like we are performing when we actually are.

It certainly felt like that to me with the past couple of weeks. I’ve been really struggling with getting these Mongolian contacts and arrangements set up for our charity. Even though I’m using an online Mongolian translator, I’ve still been worried that I’m not making progress in the way I should with negotiations.

But things seem to be heading in the right way if I’m honest. I think it’s because the Mongolian translation service is slowing things down, and I think that’s making me feel like I’m not achieving because I feel we should be further forward when we are. What I’m not thinking about because perhaps I’m not in the right frame of mind that moment, is that these things will go at the speed they will go, and as long as I’m doing what I can then I have to sit back and relax.

And that is what’s worrying me, my lack of relaxation the moment. I am worried about my weight and I am now on a diet, I think that might be raising my anxiety as I am concerned about food and calories all the time. It’s amazing how when you are on a diet how food suddenly becomes a centre of your universe, and when you are under stress waiting for translations to come back from Mongolian to English you can take the next step, it’s very easy to get stressed the start thinking about food

Anyway, I don’t want this blog to just turn into a moaning centre. I want it to be productive and positive in tone. So things are going well with the Mongolian contacts and I am on a diet, which has its ups and downs, but that is working. So I’m going to finish this blog post on a positive by saying that things are on the up.


I think I’m going to try doing some dating

This is being weighing in my mind for a few weeks, and I mentioned in my last blog post. I have to admit I’m lonely. I would never admit that my friends and it makes me wonder about loneliness. I think more a bit lonely than we let on, and it seems to be a taboo to say that you are lonely.

In fact, it seems to be more of a problem to say you are lonely and to say you have some kink or other thing going on nowadays, in fact it’s fashionable to be expressive about things like that, but if you sit there are say to your friends that you are lonely they kind of look at you is if you strange.

But the truth is I am lonely. Apart from my job, some of which I work at home for, so I’m alone many days a week, I don’t have that many social outlets because a lot of my friends are in partnerships and do not go out a lot.

So my social outlets are narrowing and this means that I am struggling to meet people. So I’m going to try some dating using a website. I’m going to put up a couple of decent photos of me and a nice profile and see what happens. With a bit of luck I might be able to get some dates and maybe just have some nice times and just may be somebody nice will come along.

In other news the Mongolian deal is starting to trickle in. I have 12 contacts going on at the moment with companies and individuals, and two organisations to help us in that area and things are going okay. As I previously said it is a slow process because of cultural differences and also the language barrier.

Thankfully the Mongolian translation service I’m using is coming good and I’m getting good Mongolian translations, to and from English which is really helping me to nail down what I’m asking, and what I’m receiving back.

I think without the Mongolian translator idea I would have been toast on this project. I don’t think I could have achieved it, but thankfully things are now starting to happen and that’s great because it means a lot positive reports to pass back to people in the charity you need to get moving on helping people.

Delays with the Mongolian translator are holding up my charity project

I’m a bit frustrated at the moment because there are delays with the charity contacts I am trying to set up in Mongolia. I was hoping to get things arranged by now, but unfortunately there are several barriers on top of the usual ones.

Apart from location and professionalism, plus other differences in infrastructure and personnel and custom, is the language barrier. Obviously Mongolian isn’t a common language and they grasp of English is not great so it is taking time to do.

I’m using a Mongolian translator, an online translation service to get all the written communication translated from English to Mongolian, and from Mongolian to English, so that I can have an accurate view of what I send and receive. That’s really helping me, but at times have been a couple of delays with getting things sent back. When I say delays, I suppose perhaps I’m being impatient, it isn’t taking very long I suppose, but perhaps I’m falling into the trap of wanting to get going on this and perhaps falling into the trap of wanting everything right now as we all seem to expect in our connected world.

But anyway, enough moaning about Mongolian translation, the plus side is that I have set up contacts for several of the key things we are trying to achieve out in that region and things are looking good in some ways. I’ve just reported back to my boss by email my have to say that on reflection perhaps things aren’t as bad as I’ve got into my head.

And that’s perhaps the problem with me at the moment, I’m worrying about my weight and am worrying about the fact I’m single and that I haven’t had any children yet and that is also now weighing in my brain.

So maybe I need to chill out, get some exercise done and perhaps assess where I am in my life where I want to go in the next few years before I just start to panic about it. This blog seems to be helping with that and I hope that continues.

A personal blog post from me today

I have to report that things have not been that fantastic where I work for the past couple of days. I made a mess of a small project I was in charge of and I’ve come under bit of scrutiny because of it. This has not really helped my nerves and I’m feeling a bit exhausted. Also with the pressure of my weight issues and my birthday, which is weighing heavily on me because it’s making me feel lonely, so I’m feeling a bit stressed generally today.

I feel really bad about it because it is a project that was very much bread-and-butter to me, which I have done a lot of times before and which was in my hands to sort out. I just didn’t devote enough attention to it, and I feel I was a bit distracted.

I suppose in better news, I’ve made contact with a few people in Mongolia and they have put me onto the organisations I need to speak to to get things moving for our charity out there.

I have put together some emails and used a Mongolian translation service that I found online to get them translated into Mongolian. It is I’ve used a proper Mongolian translator I am confident I’m getting my message across now.

So that’s really good news and I’m really pleased I thought about the idea of using a Mongolian translation service, rather than using Google translate, or trying to speak in broken English, or even worse spending a lot of money hiring a translator personally.

Which means that work is generally not bad, but it’s my personal issues that are starting to worry me. My lack of diet and exercise, and my increasing weight are starting to worry me a little bit and I am going to have sort something out.

Generally, I need to get things sorted, I need to get my work done and get my personal life sorted. I’m going to have to focus my efforts on doing that and I suppose some other things are going to have two be put to the side while I do that, which means perhaps my social life has to go completely while I focus on getting myself and my professional life right.

So it may be a few days before I get a chance to write anything on here. I have a busy time at work coming up and then the party, then I’m thinking about taking a week away. But if I can get the time I will update this blog, because it has been really helpful so far, especially starting to come to terms with the level of the obsession I have over weight loss and my own self-esteem.

All about my job and this amazing Mongolian opportunity

I work for a charity and my job role is to liaise with our operatives around the world and also with companies, individuals and organisations who want to work with our charity, or who we want to work with, or who we need contact with or assistance from.

This can be challenging at times due to the language barrier, but none more so than the one I am about to undertake which is to deal with setting up infrastructure in conjunction with existing charities in the region, but specifically Mongolia. This means I’m going to have to deal directly with people and organisations in Mongolia.

Communicating purely in English is out of the question, although there can be the odd few words spoken, I haven’t got a clue and I really have to make sure that I get this done correctly. So what my idea is, is to use an online Mongolian translation service to translate emails and documents from Mongolian to English, then from English to Mongolian.

That way I’m hoping that the key communication between us can be very accurate. It hasn’t been easy and there are not a huge amount of Mongolian translation services out there, I found a few, like, for example, but I suppose unsurprisingly there aren’t that many Mongolian translation services out there.

Anyway, it’s going to be slow because of the translation but the plan is to liaise with these people and organisations in Mongolia and the region to allow us to work in that region better, and to support other charities that we have agreements with. We are also looking for a service depot in Mongolia as well, and so communication is going to be key. This means that the translation service may be a permanent fixture if it works.

So that’s basically what my job is, and how it relates to the job I’m doing at the minute for the charity work for. As you can see it’s good work and it’s challenging, and it keeps me busy and interested every single day. I suppose it’s better than doing something that bores me and where I going to work every day and go through the motions just to earn the money.

The reasons why I am starting this personal blog

I’ve never had a blog before but I have often thought about doing it. I have decided that the time has come for me to start a blog because I feel it could help me in my life. I know that sounds a bit grand but I think that’s the way I feel right now, and I often go with my gut feeling.

I think what’s in my mind is that I struggle emotionally at times. Although my job is great, I work for a charity and I liaise with organisations abroad, it is quite challenging and leaves me quite drained. This means I don’t have much time for social activities, and I don’t have much time to meet people either.

So I suppose you could say that at times I’m a bit lonely and this has started to affect me in the evenings. So I’m looking for ways to positively fill my evenings. What I’m thinking is if I can come up with something to blog about a couple of times a week then I can focus on what I’m going to write and then write it, taking my time and hopefully filling some time as well.

I’m also hoping that by getting the thoughts and fears I have out into the open that I can process them better and deal with them better. I’m hoping that by clearing my mind when its troubled I can sleep more easily and perhaps be a little calmer, this will help me feel better in my life and will also help me with my job.

I’m now about to work on a new liaison with an organisation operating in Mongolia and that region, so I will talk a bit about that, and it’s a new thing for me which I will find challenging.

Anyway, that’s for another blog post. And that’s it for my first blog post ever. Basically I just wanted to outline things. I don’t think anyone will actually read this blog, but then I suppose that’s not the point of me writing it, I’m not looking for validation or to entertain, this is just here for me to have a little outlet.