The reasons why I am starting this personal blog

I’ve never had a blog before but I have often thought about doing it. I have decided that the time has come for me to start a blog because I feel it could help me in my life. I know that sounds a bit grand but I think that’s the way I feel right now, and I often go with my gut feeling.

I think what’s in my mind is that I struggle emotionally at times. Although my job is great, I work for a charity and I liaise with organisations abroad, it is quite challenging and leaves me quite drained. This means I don’t have much time for social activities, and I don’t have much time to meet people either.

So I suppose you could say that at times I’m a bit lonely and this has started to affect me in the evenings. So I’m looking for ways to positively fill my evenings. What I’m thinking is if I can come up with something to blog about a couple of times a week then I can focus on what I’m going to write and then write it, taking my time and hopefully filling some time as well.

I’m also hoping that by getting the thoughts and fears I have out into the open that I can process them better and deal with them better. I’m hoping that by clearing my mind when its troubled I can sleep more easily and perhaps be a little calmer, this will help me feel better in my life and will also help me with my job.

I’m now about to work on a new liaison with an organisation operating in Mongolia and that region, so I will talk a bit about that, and it’s a new thing for me which I will find challenging.

Anyway, that’s for another blog post. And that’s it for my first blog post ever. Basically I just wanted to outline things. I don’t think anyone will actually read this blog, but then I suppose that’s not the point of me writing it, I’m not looking for validation or to entertain, this is just here for me to have a little outlet.


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