All about my job and this amazing Mongolian opportunity

I work for a charity and my job role is to liaise with our operatives around the world and also with companies, individuals and organisations who want to work with our charity, or who we want to work with, or who we need contact with or assistance from.

This can be challenging at times due to the language barrier, but none more so than the one I am about to undertake which is to deal with setting up infrastructure in conjunction with existing charities in the region, but specifically Mongolia. This means I’m going to have to deal directly with people and organisations in Mongolia.

Communicating purely in English is out of the question, although there can be the odd few words spoken, I haven’t got a clue and I really have to make sure that I get this done correctly. So what my idea is, is to use an online Mongolian translation service to translate emails and documents from Mongolian to English, then from English to Mongolian.

That way I’m hoping that the key communication between us can be very accurate. It hasn’t been easy and there are not a huge amount of Mongolian translation services out there, I found a few, like, for example, but I suppose unsurprisingly there aren’t that many Mongolian translation services out there.

Anyway, it’s going to be slow because of the translation but the plan is to liaise with these people and organisations in Mongolia and the region to allow us to work in that region better, and to support other charities that we have agreements with. We are also looking for a service depot in Mongolia as well, and so communication is going to be key. This means that the translation service may be a permanent fixture if it works.

So that’s basically what my job is, and how it relates to the job I’m doing at the minute for the charity work for. As you can see it’s good work and it’s challenging, and it keeps me busy and interested every single day. I suppose it’s better than doing something that bores me and where I going to work every day and go through the motions just to earn the money.


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