A personal blog post from me today

I have to report that things have not been that fantastic where I work for the past couple of days. I made a mess of a small project I was in charge of and I’ve come under bit of scrutiny because of it. This has not really helped my nerves and I’m feeling a bit exhausted. Also with the pressure of my weight issues and my birthday, which is weighing heavily on me because it’s making me feel lonely, so I’m feeling a bit stressed generally today.

I feel really bad about it because it is a project that was very much bread-and-butter to me, which I have done a lot of times before and which was in my hands to sort out. I just didn’t devote enough attention to it, and I feel I was a bit distracted.

I suppose in better news, I’ve made contact with a few people in Mongolia and they have put me onto the organisations I need to speak to to get things moving for our charity out there.

I have put together some emails and used a Mongolian translation service that I found online to get them translated into Mongolian. It is I’ve used a proper Mongolian translator I am confident I’m getting my message across now.

So that’s really good news and I’m really pleased I thought about the idea of using a Mongolian translation service, rather than using Google translate, or trying to speak in broken English, or even worse spending a lot of money hiring a translator personally.

Which means that work is generally not bad, but it’s my personal issues that are starting to worry me. My lack of diet and exercise, and my increasing weight are starting to worry me a little bit and I am going to have sort something out.

Generally, I need to get things sorted, I need to get my work done and get my personal life sorted. I’m going to have to focus my efforts on doing that and I suppose some other things are going to have two be put to the side while I do that, which means perhaps my social life has to go completely while I focus on getting myself and my professional life right.

So it may be a few days before I get a chance to write anything on here. I have a busy time at work coming up and then the party, then I’m thinking about taking a week away. But if I can get the time I will update this blog, because it has been really helpful so far, especially starting to come to terms with the level of the obsession I have over weight loss and my own self-esteem.


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