Delays with the Mongolian translator are holding up my charity project

I’m a bit frustrated at the moment because there are delays with the charity contacts I am trying to set up in Mongolia. I was hoping to get things arranged by now, but unfortunately there are several barriers on top of the usual ones.

Apart from location and professionalism, plus other differences in infrastructure and personnel and custom, is the language barrier. Obviously Mongolian isn’t a common language and they grasp of English is not great so it is taking time to do.

I’m using a Mongolian translator, an online translation service to get all the written communication translated from English to Mongolian, and from Mongolian to English, so that I can have an accurate view of what I send and receive. That’s really helping me, but at times have been a couple of delays with getting things sent back. When I say delays, I suppose perhaps I’m being impatient, it isn’t taking very long I suppose, but perhaps I’m falling into the trap of wanting to get going on this and perhaps falling into the trap of wanting everything right now as we all seem to expect in our connected world.

But anyway, enough moaning about Mongolian translation, the plus side is that I have set up contacts for several of the key things we are trying to achieve out in that region and things are looking good in some ways. I’ve just reported back to my boss by email my have to say that on reflection perhaps things aren’t as bad as I’ve got into my head.

And that’s perhaps the problem with me at the moment, I’m worrying about my weight and am worrying about the fact I’m single and that I haven’t had any children yet and that is also now weighing in my brain.

So maybe I need to chill out, get some exercise done and perhaps assess where I am in my life where I want to go in the next few years before I just start to panic about it. This blog seems to be helping with that and I hope that continues.


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