I think I’m going to try doing some dating

This is being weighing in my mind for a few weeks, and I mentioned in my last blog post. I have to admit I’m lonely. I would never admit that my friends and it makes me wonder about loneliness. I think more a bit lonely than we let on, and it seems to be a taboo to say that you are lonely.

In fact, it seems to be more of a problem to say you are lonely and to say you have some kink or other thing going on nowadays, in fact it’s fashionable to be expressive about things like that, but if you sit there are say to your friends that you are lonely they kind of look at you is if you strange.

But the truth is I am lonely. Apart from my job, some of which I work at home for, so I’m alone many days a week, I don’t have that many social outlets because a lot of my friends are in partnerships and do not go out a lot.

So my social outlets are narrowing and this means that I am struggling to meet people. So I’m going to try some dating using a website. I’m going to put up a couple of decent photos of me and a nice profile and see what happens. With a bit of luck I might be able to get some dates and maybe just have some nice times and just may be somebody nice will come along.

In other news the Mongolian deal is starting to trickle in. I have 12 contacts going on at the moment with companies and individuals, and two organisations to help us in that area and things are going okay. As I previously said it is a slow process because of cultural differences and also the language barrier.

Thankfully the Mongolian translation service I’m using is coming good and I’m getting good Mongolian translations, to and from English which is really helping me to nail down what I’m asking, and what I’m receiving back.

I think without the Mongolian translator idea I would have been toast on this project. I don’t think I could have achieved it, but thankfully things are now starting to happen and that’s great because it means a lot positive reports to pass back to people in the charity you need to get moving on helping people.


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