Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees

You know how it is, sometimes in life you think you are making no progress at all but the reality is that you are and often it’s because you are down, and you are not feeling you are progressing as fast as you should, but I sometimes think that’s because we are under pressure to perform in are personal and professional lives through modern life and it often feels like we are performing when we actually are.

It certainly felt like that to me with the past couple of weeks. I’ve been really struggling with getting these Mongolian contacts and arrangements set up for our charity. Even though I’m using an online Mongolian translator, I’ve still been worried that I’m not making progress in the way I should with negotiations.

But things seem to be heading in the right way if I’m honest. I think it’s because the Mongolian translation service is slowing things down, and I think that’s making me feel like I’m not achieving because I feel we should be further forward when we are. What I’m not thinking about because perhaps I’m not in the right frame of mind that moment, is that these things will go at the speed they will go, and as long as I’m doing what I can then I have to sit back and relax.

And that is what’s worrying me, my lack of relaxation the moment. I am worried about my weight and I am now on a diet, I think that might be raising my anxiety as I am concerned about food and calories all the time. It’s amazing how when you are on a diet how food suddenly becomes a centre of your universe, and when you are under stress waiting for translations to come back from Mongolian to English you can take the next step, it’s very easy to get stressed the start thinking about food

Anyway, I don’t want this blog to just turn into a moaning centre. I want it to be productive and positive in tone. So things are going well with the Mongolian contacts and I am on a diet, which has its ups and downs, but that is working. So I’m going to finish this blog post on a positive by saying that things are on the up.


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